New Apartment

So, today I moved! It was pretty much the best move ever, in that I went to work in the morning, my amazing husband stayed home and handled the movers, and I went home to my new apartment.

And, you guys, it is insane.

Until this morning, we lived in a little one-bedroom. We had a combo living room-kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and an office that was around twelve feet square.

And now, all of a sudden, I’m in the biggest apartment ever. (Well, not ever, I’m sure Al Pacino has a bigger apartment, whatever, give me my moment.) But seriously. I’m sitting here on the sofa looking around…it’s just so BIG. It seems super empty. The dining room alone is the size of Steve’s first apartment in Boston six years ago. I can’t believe that the two of us managed to live for an entire year in a space this size. Our little kitchen table looks absurd in the HUGE dining room under the freaking chandelier. It’s hilarious.

Other than that, we have a front porch (screened in) and a back porch (open air), two bedrooms (we’ll sleep in one and, I guess, make the other Steve’s office), and a study, which I don’t even know what we’ll do except put bookshelves in it, since we have the spare bedroom going on office-wise. The kitchen is big but, weirdly, it has no counters. We already have one of these Ikea islands, and we’ve ordered another so that’ll help.

Seriously, you guys, it’s so weird that in the square feet we lived in for a whole year when I was 24, all we have to put there now is a dinky little Ikea table and a couple chairs. I’m sitting on the sofa in the living room and looking across a disconcerting stretch of floor. Yards and yards.

The whole place seems super empty. Leaving aside the dining room that’s the size of the apartment we shared for a year, there’s also a living room bigger than our last one, a kitchen ditto (just imagine everything is bigger than our last little one bedroom basement place), two bedrooms, front and back porches, a study, a basement, and a whole floor upstairs that’s the entire size of the house and just two big rooms. It’s ridic. The landlady kept telling us, “And this can be storage! And this can also be storage!” and we had to explain to her fourteen times that we were moving from a place the size of the living room and study and didn’t have anything to store. The whole place is going to be totally empty except for books for at least a year. But we’ll have an hilariously teeny table in the dining room, if anyone wants to come over for dinner and laugh at it.

The landlady also said to us, “Everyone who’s ever lived here has wound up getting married!” like we should be all eager.

I said, “Well, we’re already married ….” which she hadn’t known until then since we have different last names, but she looked a little disappointed for a second and then perked up and said, “Well! Maybe you’ll have a baby!” Awesome.

So next up is to get a sofa bed for the office room, since it’s also supposed to be a second bedroom. And I should probably also get a shower curtain, since apparently my husband didn’t bring ours. And a bin for the ice in our freezer, since we don’t have an automatic ice machine anymore. And a shoe tree for the back of our closet so our shoes don’t wind up on the floor anymore. And something else that I think I’m forgetting.

This is so weird, yet cool. I feel like an actual grownup for once. It only took 30 years.


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I was born at a very young age. As the years went by I got older, but never too old.
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One Response to New Apartment

  1. Allison says:

    Yay new apartment! Can’t wait to see pictures!

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