I Hate the Royal Wedding

I can’t believe I’m posting to this blog for the first time practically ever to be a total misanthrope, but there you go. I’m pretty sure nobody actually reads this, so I can vent here without making my friends feel like I’m raining on their parade. Which I definitely don’t want to do. To each their own, right?

But. I can’t believe that everyone around me cares this much about the wedding of two people they don’t even know, in a country where they don’t even live.

Someone wrote on an acquaintance’s Facebook that her daughter’s elementary school in Michigan even had a crazy hat day in honor of the wedding.

Now, I don’t have any children. But if I did, I am 99.8% sure that I would be a total buzzkill about their principal making a school event out of fetishizing people whose only real accomplishment is being born into a certain family and then living out their lives in overwhelming and unimaginable privilege while most of the world is scrounging food out of trash heaps.

It’s gross. I am so tired of it.


About personalmap

I was born at a very young age. As the years went by I got older, but never too old.
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2 Responses to I Hate the Royal Wedding

  1. Amanda says:

    Misanthropy can be fun and entertaining.

  2. personalmap says:

    Amanda! My very first comment ever! I’m touched.

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