First post

I made this blog on a whim last month sometime, and then let it sit empty while I figured out what to write.  I couldn’t believe the title Personal Map hadn’t been taken yet and wanted to jump on it as soon as I realized it was available. You’d think some David Foster Wallace fan would’ve snapped it up by now.

Incidentally, I love how that photo looks in the banner. I took it a few years ago at the Copley Square farmers’ market.

Anyway, I put off writing anything because I thought my first entry had to be witty and fascinating and cool, which is easier said than done.  As expectations for myself grew, work got conveniently busy, which gave me even more excuses to procrastinate. Not that I ever need excuses to procrastinate.

My workweek (workmonth, actually) from hell is over now, and I decided to just be a grownup about it and write something already.  Get the first entry out of the way.

So, my name is Meg. I just turned 30 a few months ago. I grew up near Detroit, and have lived in Boston for the last eight years. I’ve posted a bio in the About section if you’d like to know more. I’ll probably write about books, theater, cooking, and stupid pop culture, because I love them all.

Good, then, that’s over with.


About personalmap

I was born at a very young age. As the years went by I got older, but never too old.
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